Dr. Megan Gramm came to our practice in 2015 and completed her practicum and internship under the supervision of Dr. Bory. Dr. Gramm is currently a postdoctoral resident and is studying for her EPPP exam for state licensure.

Dr. Gramm has provided a variety of services during her time here. She excels in her work with children and adolescents. Dr. Gramm prefers solution and evidence based approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy, while also providing a supportive atmosphere for positive growth and change.

Dr. Gramm proudly served in the United States Air Force,  from 2004-2010. During active duty, she achieved her BA in Psychology and MA in Criminal Justice from American Military University, while also serving in Afghanistan and other locations abroad. After leaving the Air Force, she achieved her MS in Applied Psychology and Ph.D in Clinical Psychology from Walden University.

Dr. Megan Gramm, Ph.D