Dr. Eric Swift, Ph.D

B.S. - Psychology - U.Md.

M.A. - Counselor Education – UVA

Ph.D. - Counseling Psychology, UNC Chapel Hill

A.P.A. Internship - Penn State

Licensed Clinical Psychologist - Pennsylvania & Virginia

Dr. Swift’s training is a blend of Cognitive Behavioral and Psychodynamic Therapies. These backgrounds allow working at symptom reduction while also helping people understand their past and developing more effective ways of achieving their goals for the future. Dr. Swift’s strengths are in being able to meet clients where they are and, at their pace, and discover how to bring about the changes that are needed to live a more fulfilling and productive life. 

Dr. Swift works with individuals, couples, children over the age of ten and lead groups. He is comfortable working with most affective issues (depression, panic, anxiety), trauma and PTSD, child developmental and parenting issues, and transitional issues of aging.